Just Bieber, When Will His Luck Run Out?

Lately, the dust has hardly had time to settle on one scandal before Justin Bieber is back in the headlines with another. So far this year, the 20 year old Canadian singer has been arrested on charges of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license as well as assaulting a limousine driver on the back of the head; and its only June!

Now, though, it appears that Bieber might be facing his biggest public backlash yet, as videos of the pop star from a few years ago have emerged, showing him making racist jokes and using very offensive racist language. The first video was released on 1 June, after the person in possession of the tape unsuccessfully tried to blackmail Bieber for $1 million.

The video shows a 15 year old Bieber making a racist joke in which he uses the n-word on camera whilst sitting with friends. And if this wasn’t bad enough, a couple of days later, TMZ released a new video in which a-not-massively-famous-yet Bieber sings his song One Less Lonely Girl but replaces the word ‘girl’ with the n-word and makes references to the Klu Klux Klan. Charming!

And so what has Bieber done in response to these videos? Well, he used Twitter and posted a photo of a bible verse that focuses on forgiveness and made a statement about how he was a ‘kid’ then, and now he’s a ‘man’. You could’ve fooled me, Biebz.

Maybe, I’m being too harsh on him, but the more I hear about Bieber and his lack of respect for anyone at all, (remember when he spat on his fans from his balcony?) the more it makes me want him to have to face some actual consequences for his brattish and uncalled for behaviour.

So how have the public reacted to this news? Well, of course, you’ve still got the tween ‘beliebers’ taking to Twitter to fiercely defend him, with (unhelpful) statements such as ‘that Justin Bieber thing was funny’ and another clearing things up for us; ‘“Justin Bieber is racist” HE IS TRYING TO BE BLACK OMG LOL SHUT UP.’

Other people were quick to point out that Justin Bieber hasn’t received anywhere near as much criticism as Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson did when he used the n-word in an outtake of the show. One user tweeted ‘are we gonna be as harsh as we were with Jeremy Clarkson or is everyone just gonna let this slide?’

So will these revelations leave a permanent mark on Justin Bieber’s reputation and take him down a peg or two? I’d like to think so, but with over 50 million followers on Twitter alone boosting his ego to catastrophic proportions; I highly doubt that there will even be a decent apology that wasn’t written by someone else.