World Cup 2014 Eye Candy

Claudio Marchisio. Italy. Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal. Iker Casillas. Spain. James Rodriguez. Columbia. Javier Hernández. Mexico. Lukas Podolski. Germany. Olivier Giroud. France. Robin Van Persie. Netherlands. Matt Ryan. Australia. Wayne Rooney. England.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past months, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is on :)

To give the ladies something to look forward to when they are supporting their husbands / boyfriends, here at Eve we have come up with the 10 hottest World Cup players to keep you entertained.

First up is Spanish Goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. He is playing in his fourth World Cup defending his country’s title. Next, is the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. He is playing in his third World Cup and is the perfect mix of talent and good looks.

Another striker who is not hard on the eyes is French national Olivier Giroud, who will be playing in his debut World Cup. Just like Giroud, this is the first World Cup for the Columbian midfielder, James Rodriguez. He is also one of the men responsible for Columbia’s return to the World Cup after 16 years.

German national, Lukas Podolski, on the other hand, will be playing in his third World Cup, just like the Netherlands striker, Robin Van Persie. For the Mexican Javier Hernandez, this will be his second World Cup after being recorded as the fastest player in the 2010 tournament.

Italian midfielder, Claudio Marchisio will also be playing his second World Cup. England’s forward player, Wayne Rooney will be playing in his third World Cup. Last but definitely not least, is Australian goalkeeper, Mat Ryan, who will be playing in his first World Cup.

So whether you are watching the games or the players during this 2014 FIFA World Cup, have fun and enjoy the view!