1960’s fashion, as represented in Mad Men


AMC’s seventh and final Season of Mad Men continues to impress and blow away with the amazing, timeless fashion style portrayed by each character. Each look encapsulates what we would have loved from the 1960’s. This picture shows a couple of the iconic looks that are featured in the show.

Starting from the go-man in the office, Donald Draper shows an undying sense of style in his grey suits, perfectly narrow ties and white shirts. The suits help emphasise the shoulders and have a clean V-shape in the front which complement the chest and give a masculine look to his impeccable style. Leaving a half-inch of shirt cuff showing gives him even more of an edge.

Christina Hendricks plays the role of Joan Holloway, the character with the brilliant business mind. Her hourglass figure is perfectly captured in waist-cinched, knee length dresses or pencil skirts that accentuate her amazing curves. Her looks are a perfect combination of buxom curves and a very pretty face and her appearance is always elegant and ‘put together.’

Lastly, Peggy Olson, played by Elisabeth Moss, wears a number of A-line dresses that are a far cry from her childish choices at the start of the show. Evolving from being Don Draper’s protégé, her fashion choices have become more feminine and more relaxed and which reflect where she is in her career and personal life.