A Guide To Dealing With Jerks

We all have people in our lives whose aim it is to bring us down, so here’s how to give them the middle finger without being too rude.

With so many people thinking they have a God-given right to be rude to others, I felt it was my duty to write down what I have learnt throughout the years:

Think Twice: Never answer a jerk with a quick remark on the spot. They are pros at their game and they will beat you at it. Instead, let them be and remember that revenge is a dish best served ice-cold and when they least expect it.

Be What They Don’t Want You To be: The best way to destroy a jerk’s ego is by proving them wrong. If they laugh at your efforts to do or become something, show them how wrong they are by managing it. Work hard and be dedicated because their unhappiness is directly proportionate to your success.

Be Wise: Never let a jerk think he or she has got the best of you by losing your temper. Stay calm and go back to Step 1. If they’re pissing you off on Facebook, don’t delete them and give them more reasons to hate on you. Instead, do it subtly by uploading pictures of yourself with their friends or doing something they never thought you’d manage.

Give Them The Boot: If the jerk is in your inner circle, then get rid of him/her. Screw the saying that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Enemies should be left at the gate. Also, make sure that you do it sensibly lest you become the jerk in other people’s eyes.

Build A Safety Net: You will always encounter jerks in life, but one way to make sure they never get the better of you is by having a strong and trustworthy safety net of family and friends. They are the ones who will help you through the rough patches, and who will stick up for you when the world seems to be going against you.

Believe In Yourself: Finally, the most important step is to remember that you deserve to be happy. It killed my first husband to know that I could be happy without him, and it will kill the jerk in your life to know that you can be happy, even with his or her remarks and deeds. You are your own best shield so use yourself wisely.

What do you think of Evelyn’s guide on how to deal with jerks? Do you agree with it? Are there any other pointers you’d have put in? Let us know in the comments section below!