Interview with RUMBULL

Date of birth: 6/8/1984

Where do you live: St. Paul’s Bay

Status: Single

Star Sign: Leo

Main occupation: Sales

Media-related occupation: Rapper / MC/ Video Director / Label owner

Kevin Joseph Hayward, better known as Rumbull, has been active in the hip-hop scene since 2008, but started listening to hip-hop at the time when Tupac and Biggy were in their prime. Rumbull released his first promo single from E.P. Video/Single Hold ups and it was so popular that he put it on as a bonus track on the album that he officially released last year and launched in Malta Cutthroat Island and he also has four videos which he directed himself.  He has organised many live shows with heavyweight hip-hop artists, such as Immortal Technique, King Magnetic (AOTP), RA The rugged man, Snowgoons, Ill Bill, Dacircle and Diabolic.

Rumbull runs his own independent record label and he is an independent artist with no big corporate backing.  He is currently working on a new album, Rumbull in the Jungle, and is constantly travelling between London to Malta.

“I’ve just released two new singles, this year. On 14 January 2014, I released Pulse of a Rebel with rapper/friend of mine, Manager of Caxton Press, who is well known in London/UK hip-hop culture. I have also worked with Global Faction who have worked with many top UK artists. Together, we directed the video which was filmed in Valletta, where I was raised” explained Rumbull.

“Also on the 28 February 2014, I released the second single Rumbull in the Jungle with my sister/singer/rapper Amy True who is with Caxton Press and People’s Army.  The video was filmed by another UK hip-hop legend, Genesis Elijah (Escroutemusic). The video was filmed in the heart of London and the track is the main release of my album Rumbull in the Jungle which I will launch in Malta and UK end of the year”, continued Rumbull in his introduction to this interview with Ramona Portelli.

Do you normally wear boxers or briefs?  And why such a preference?

Boxers or nothing.  Reason is more room and more comfort.

What do you prefer:- women or cars? And why?

Women.  I’m not into materialistic stuff – my richness is with people, in this case women.

What’s your opinion about tattoos?

I love tattoos and they have been in many tribal cultures before they were made into fashion.  So to me it’s more of a time and place and meaning.

Do you own one or more?

Yeah, I own about 11 in total, but I do have a half sleeve.

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?

Spread my music around the world.

Were you ever bullied as a kid?

Yes, when we moved to the UK, I had just left primary school in Malta and was going to start attending De La Salle, where all my friends were. But I moved to the UK and because I looked different and had a darker complexion and even spoke in a certain way, I got picked on.  Trying to get accepted became a mission, but a day came when I just blew up and went for the big guys, some who were in my year and some even above me.  As soon as I stood up for myself, I started making  friends straight away.

What’s the hobby you spend most money on?


What is the thing that makes you most angry?

When I hear people complain about how hard their life is and I know that they have 7 cars, 5 houses, 3 businesses and the best of the best stuff, while there are people starving to death each day.  Even the fact that they have to have so many things in the first place is beyond me.  If you are successful, yes, you should enjoy it, but it is important to realise that we are not in this world alone.  My music is a fight against spiritual wickedness and a sign of hope for those really going through hard times.

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