Getting a Safe Summer Tan

Last year, I went on a girls’ holiday to Malia, the party resort  in Crete.

One of my friends was determined to get the best tan of us all and decided to lather herself with cooking oil (yes, actual cooking oil) before sunbathing all day. She ended up miserable, looking like a pink lobster and she moped around for the rest of the holiday.

Here are some top tips to get a safe tan:

Wear a sunscreen with a suitable factor. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen doesn’t stop you from getting a tan. In fact, it means that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays, whilst still allowing you to gain a healthy colour.

Limit your time in the sun. It’s best to tan in short bursts of time to prevent dehydration and  burning. The hottest times of the day should be avoided completely.

Remember your hat & sunglasses. Your eyes are delicate and are very sensitive to UV rays  – I suggest you protect them in whatever way you can.