A New Encounter

Are you preparing for a first date? Are you really ready to date, or are you still suffering the emotions and fallout from a recent relationship? Have you taken time to grieve and become strong? Are you feeling lonely and meeting someone for the wrong reasons?

Are you attracted to your date, or are you just flattered to be asked out? Perhaps there will be mixed messages. One person may expect to start a relationship. One may just want friendship or a night out. It is good to start with no expectations.

You think nothing physical will happen, but if you really feel the physical attraction, are you prepared? Is your body how you want it, did you wax and trim body hair. Are you wearing underwear you want to be seen in, just in case? Remember Bridget Jones?

What is your boundary for being physical? Will a one night stand leave you feeling bad? Are you saving yourself for a deep and special relationship? Are you looking for a regular sexual partner, but not for a relationship? Do you avoid sex until the third date? Do you just want to develop friendship?

How will you convey your desires and wishes to the partner for the date?

You miss sex, but know this will not be ‘the one’. You would like to be satisfied, but regularly, until you find ‘the one’. You don’t want to appear frigid, nor do you want to be seen to be too keen.

The simple answer is always to be yourself and be genuine. Use your intuition, and act upon it. It is a good guide. Identify ‘warning signs’ of traits you will regret later. Have fun and of course, relax.

Set your boundaries and respect the boundaries of the other person. Don’t rush into a new relationship feeling desperate, or amazed that someone shows interest in you. Most of all, value yourself and walk away if you are not respected or valued by the other. Have a great evening!