Why Women Choose Older Men

22 year difference between Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart. Wikipedia

When it comes to relationships, why do women choose older men? “For money!” – I can hear you say! And yes, there are definitely some gold-diggers who choose a man for purely material reasons. But, from my experience, I can safely say that most women consider love, attention and the presence of a partner to be more precious than any material possessions.

This is the opinion of many women who choose an older partner. “The men of my own age are immature. They want to possess and control me, they are not interested in what I want. They are not there to support MY growth and development. They want to restrict me and quickly become jealous. They do not want me for myself, as a person. They want a trophy partner, they want a slave. They are in it for themselves.” And another one is this – “They want a mother replacement, plus sex. Some don’t even want the sex.”

The flip side of the coin is when a woman goes for a younger man. She usually regards him as a plaything and Mr “6-pack” is likely to be ten years younger with a body to die for. He is fit, works out, has stamina. He is very easy on the eyes. He can pump and stay hard for hours. He is an experience she desires in secret or in her imagination, or maybe sometimes in real life. But he is very likely not to be satisfying her soul.

A woman knows that to satisfy her soul, the right older man, with experience, with sensitivity, with technique, will take her to profound bliss, effortlessly and without the hurry. There is a very good reason for this – the University of Life.

An older man has gone through the learning curve. He has fumbled his way through with other women, he has made his mistakes, but he has learnt from them. He has known women who have gone through difficult relationships and can help them heal and become trusting again. He has also had time to develop his personality and to work on his career.

An older man has, therefore, learnt what a woman needs and now he is ready to devote himself to her and her needs are very high on his priority list. He knows when and how to give her space when she needs it, and to help her develop in this loving environment.

Age difference, therefore, does not seem to matter when the woman is looking for the mature mind and experience. She knows that if she is with an older man, he might die before her, and that one day, she may become his carer as opposed to his lover.

Women also want male friends but many men will very likely walk away if all that is on the cards is a platonic relationship. It is actually quite hard for women to keep meaningful but platonic friendships with men.

What also happens is that a woman who is already in a relationship chooses to have a meaningful friendship with another man. She may be able to discuss things with this friend that she can’t with her partner. This friend is in a better position to satisfy her intellectual and emotional needs but not in a way which would threaten her main relationship.

The emotional connection of either an older partner or a male friend focuses on the possibility of a number of good years together. It is on this healthy foundation that these special relationships are often created and are therefore usually very successful.

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