When Is It all Too Much If At All?

Since the hit TV show Game of Thrones first stormed its way onto our screens in 2011, it has been a big source of controversy among viewers and has sparked many online debates between the opposing sides. This is due to the frequent and graphic sex scenes that took place in the first two seasons; with representations of incest, prostitution and rape consistently appearing in story lines.

In the latest seasons, the show has calmed down on this front, perhaps as a result of the criticism it has received from viewers who found the amount of nudity in the show too much to handle.

Now let’s be clear; I absolutely consider myself a feminist. I firmly believe in equality of the sexes, and I’m not afraid to loudly point out sexism when I see it. But I think that there has to be a line drawn somewhere when it comes to what is after all, a fantasy TV show. Game of Thrones is no different from any soap opera with its crazy story lines and characters, so it shouldn’t be treated as such.

Okay, now let’s get to the heart of the matter – the nasty bits that made uncomfortable viewing for everyone. The scene that has caused the most shock so far in the series is the one where Jamie Lannister raped his sister Cersei in the crypt next to their dead son’s body. Now read that back. Of course that shocks everyone, it was meant to. It is gruesome, but it’s also fiction. Plus, not at any point does Game of Thrones condone non-consensual sex, it just portrays it.

So, yes there is an excessive amount of nudity but at the end of the day, Game of Thrones is a commercial product and as we all know, rightly or wrongly: sex sells. I, for one, love Game of Thrones for pushing the boundaries and being outrageously daring, and considering the opening episode of season 4 attracted 6.6 million viewers, I can safely assume that I’m not alone.