Nadine Axisa, the singer with the Velvet voice


Date of birth: 12/8/1981

Where do you live: Pieta’

Status: Married

Star Sign: Leo

Main occupation: Senior Environment Protection Officer

Media-related occupation: Singer

Nadine has been contributing to the local music scene since the age of 15.

In 2003, Nadine ventured into the American standards and jazz scene. Her first project that same year was with local musicians where she contributed to the very successful concert and CD launch of The Beatles Works, where songs by the famous fab four  were arranged in a jazzy style. Here, she worked with renowned local jazz musicians, namely Vinny Vella Jnr, Walter Vella, Noel Grech and Mario Cocker Aquilina.

Nadine received vocal training in classical music and sat for vocal exams with the Royal Schools of Music. Nadine also followed a jazz vocal course in Italy with some amazing tutors, namely Tina May, Iain Mackenzie, and Guillermo Rozenthuler.

On a more local scene,  Nadine regularly performs in top venues and clubs with various musicians while her performances outside the Maltese Islands have included events in London, Tripoli, Prague, Oslo, Rome, Poland, Bulgaria and Australia.

Over the years, Nadine has contributed to a number of jazz concerts and events with various musicians. Besides the concert The Beatles’ Works (2003/2004), there was also It’s all about Jazz (2005), The Manoel Theatre goes Swings with GO (2007), Groovin’ High (2007), Earth Garden (2008 and 2009), The Greatest Female Jazz Singers of the Century (2012) and Festival OFF (2012). In May of this year, Nadine performed in A Night of Modern Jazz

When it comes to the largest jazz event which takes place in Malta,Nadine has participated in the Malta Jazz and Rock Festival in 2008 and in the Malta Jazz Festival in 2011.

She has very recently released her debut jazz album ‘Velvet’ where she collaborated with a total of 38 musicians in the creation of 12 original compositions of easy-listening jazz.

You are described as a very versatile singer, with a vast repertoire. Can you mention which song is your personal all-time favourite?

Well I have many favourites, especially from the American jazz standards era. But if I had to choose, I would go for Herbie Hancock’s Butterfly.

What can you say about the local jazz scene?

I think it has come a long way. The yearly Malta Jazz Festival increases the awareness and following, thanks to the investment and hard work of previous and current artistic directors Charles City Gatt and Sandro Zerafa, respectively. We have seen big names in Malta’s Jazz Festival throughout the years, and lately, we young jazz lovers also have the opportunity to learn more through the workshops which are carried out during the same week. Therefore, learning opportunities have grown and as time goes by, we are seeing an increase in local artists who are interested in this genre, which is great! An area which the country could grow more in would be increased opportunities for live performances.

Do you prefer a winter or a summer wardrobe?

A summer one since it takes much less space! Space is a recurring problem in my case!

What’s your take on men who pluck their eyebrows?

Let’s say I would prefer a man who does not pluck his eyebrows!

You have performed in various cities around the globe. Which city impressed you the most and why?

In terms of the beauty of the country itself, Australia was an experience of its own – what an amazing country!

In terms of music, I will definitely remember the jazz gigs in Wrocław and Kępno (Poland) – the public was so warm and receptive, even though I was unknown to them. I would love to go back!

Bulgaria with the ethnic jazz band Trania was also a very positive experience where we were able to share our musical experiences with other musicians across the globe.

Would you ever consider becoming a politician?

Definitely not! With my nature and character I would really make a hopeless politician!