Genuine and Natural Home Products for a Healthier Environment

Wood Silk One Organic Beeswax Furniture Cream Aristowax Furniture Polish

How many of us check out the information labels on those products we use around the house? While many of us try to eat as healthily as possible, to live in a smoke-free environment and to avoid ingesting preservatives and chemicals whenever we can, is that enough? Should our concern extend to those household cleaners that we readily purchase without so much as a second glance?

NM Arrigo Ltd has recently introduced a new range of furniture polish products which are not only very effective in ‘doing their job’ so to speak, they are also based on natural, pure products. It is also what is left out of these products that is important.  Unlike most major brands (which contain 60% or more water and typically 7-8% silicones), Aristowax does NOT contain any water OR silicones. These two elements actually cause the greatest damage to the finish of furniture.

So, for all those who are interested to look after their furniture in the most healthy way possible, here is a whole range of furniture cleaning products to choose from.

In Malta, dusting is very much part of our regular household chores and here is a product which really makes life easier for us all. Suitable for multiple surfaces, the Two-in-one Best Shine Plus uses patented technology which locks fragrance into millions of tiny capsules which are released when spraying. This is great when polishing with a duster and blind customers’ tests confirmed that the product is superior in terms of quickness and depth of shine.

Due to our lack of rain and dusty environment, we regularly have to get window cleaning. Invisible Windows is a next generation technology product that provides crystal clear clarity. Since it contains no soaps, no perfumes, no dyes and uses of deinoised water, it is natural and streaking is avoided.

For that regular polish, we recommend that you try Aristowax Furniture Polish, made from a high quality pure oil derivative product with beeswax. This product has been so popular that it has reached record sales figures in the UK where it is the fastest growing product in its line.

For that deeper polish, the organic product Wood Silk One Organic Beeswax Furniture Cream, is 100% natural. We can assure you that it contains no silicones, no preservatives, no perfume, no synthetic waxes and absolutely no colouring.

This range of products extends also to leather goods and again we highly recommend Leather Silk Leather Shine and Conditioner which is a blend of the purest beeswax emollients and nutrient oils. This is certainly the natural way to nourish and protect genuine leather goods such as handbags and footwear, as well as synthetic leather on furniture and car interiors.

The Aristowax range of products also includes personal care products, such as shaving gel, shaving oil and moisturising balm, known as Honey Shave. This unique formula is based on Manuka Oil, which has been used as an effective first aid treatment for minor burns and cuts throughout history, and Royal Jelly an age-old soothing balm for cuts, scrapes and wounds.

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