Photography - Dennis Calleja

Yesterday people flocked to the Mediterranean Conference Centre to see the latest bridal collections from Wedding Bells, Pronovias and Loredana Roccasalva.

First up was Weddings Bells with their 2014/2015 collection. I have to say this was absolutely stunning. Each dress more beautiful than the next, a truly mesmerising showcase. To give you an idea as to how impressed I was – having never been particularly interested in getting married and whilst not having a particularly long term partner – I have decided on which dress I would most definitely consider doing it in! I love the fact they challenge every implied bridal rule with regards to varied lengths, colours and necklines (why not give hubby-to-be a saucy flash of what’s to come on the wedding night?!) 21st century bridal gown options for the modern lady. A real favourite!

Next up was Pronovias, beautiful designs again, some lovely detailed back embellishments which I thought were amazing but in all they played it fairly safe with classic cuts and lengths – nothing wrong with going with what works and I could see a number of my girlfriends opting for their looks.

Finally Loredana Roccasalva – this collection was introduced as suitable for ‘the modern lady dress who still appreciates romance’ in theory I thought this sounded great but this felt all too tribal and casual from a personal point of view. Lots of patterned lace veils, feathers and headbands framing the perfectly styled up-dos. This had a real earthy, hippy vibe which again, wouldn’t be my personal choice but I’m sure the sincerity and simplicity the dresses emanated would appeal to many who fancy a more alternative dress option for their big day. Unusual was definitely the key word here.

All collections were fabulous to watch on the catwalk but as I’m sure you can tell – for me there was a clear winner. All I need now is a fiancé ….