A Maltese touch at the Malta Fashion Week 2014

©Christina Abdilla ©Christina Abdilla ©Dennis Calleja ©Dennis Calleja ©Dennis Calleja

On Day One of Malta Fashion Week 2014, two of the designers who participated in the shows used strong Maltese traces and traditions in their collection.

Ritienne Zammit // AMEN

As can be noted from the name, this collection focuses on religious concepts. Religion is one of the Maltese traditions that is highly respected, mostly by the older generation. The collection incorporates this theme with a contradictory twist.

AMEN revolves around defiant attitudes in urban cultures, combining the modern with the past through the interesting combination of different textures and unusual patterns. The main colours were red, gold and black. Such hues represent luxury and are commonly associated with church ceremonies and church decorations.

Marco Parascandalo

Designer Marco Parascandalo has advanced menswear to a new level through his androgynous collection, a concept that is not yet properly established in Malta. In fact, his inspiration for the collection stemmed from East London where he lived for the past four years before returning to Malta.

The designs were given a Maltese twist through the printing of Maltese slang on the t-shirts. These consisted of “FAQA’ SEW”, “KEMM INĦOBB”, and “SKANDLU”.