© Julie Nicholls/CORBIS

When I was in my twenties, my friends meant the world to me.  I had just started my career so I thought I was getting a great income and I was out partying almost every weekend.

However, now that I am in my thirties, married and with a household to run, and an advancement in my career, things are very different. The responsibility and stress levels are pretty much through the roof – quite a different scenario to how things were just a few years ago.

At first, I was very overwhelmed and thought that there simply was no way I could cope with everything. I really felt like throwing in the towel  and going to live in a cave somewhere.

But then, I finally figured it all out: it’s just a matter of prioritising everything. Getting upset about little things is just a waste of time. And when it comes to bigger things, one simply needs to tackle the problems in order of importance.

For example:

Priority No. 1: My immediate family. For now, that is my husband, myself and the cat. My husband is there through thick and thin. The four walls of my humble abode have to be a safe haven and that has to be nurtured.

Priority No. 2: My job. My job is my livelihood, and is part of what gives me a sense of being. I need to perform well.

Priority No. 3: Fun. Fun is so important. You do not need to go out and party all night, but it is essential to break away from your normal routine, sometimes.

Also, through the process of prioritising, one must never forget to make oneself an overall priority: Exercise, Eat healthily. Stop and take a deep breath.

And your world will seem like a more manageable place.