10 Gay Slang Terms We Should All Start Using

Gay culture is quite particular … and we could all learn something from it!

Forget the usual ‘oħt’ [sister] and ‘butch’ terms that have become part of our everyday lingo. Here are 10 gay slang terms that are hilarious, accurate and can teach us a thing or two about this heterosexual-run world.

Term: Passion Fruit (noun)

Explanation: A gay man who looks masculine and acts accordingly.

Heterosexual Use: ‘I always thought Jean was gay! He’s such a passion fruit!’

Lesson: In an age when differentiating between who’s gay and who’s straight has become difficult, having a term which doesn’t refer to effeminate, straight guys as such is definitely a tad more politically correct!

Term: Full House (noun)

Explanation: A person who has more than one STI at any given point.

Heterosexual Use: ‘Aw, dik full house ta… Tmurx magħha!’ [hey, that one has a full house, don’t go with her]

Lesson: STIs are not the preserve of gay people and the number of straight people with HIV in Malta and abroad has gone up. In fact, accidentally getting pregnant is a Godsend compared to an incurable and terminal illness you can get from 10 minutes of pleasure. Always protect yourself by using a condom.

Term: Mother Superior (noun)

Explanation: An older gay man who has slept his way to wisdom.

Heterosexual Use: ‘My God, like, Ċikka, your advice is always spot on. You’re such a mother superior!’

Lesson: Experience trumps everything. Full stop.

Term: Yestergay (noun)

Explanation: A person who used to be gay but has decided to go against his own nature.

Heterosexual Use: ‘Maaaaaa, that preacher marelli. Such a yestergay!’

Lesson: As the stupid cult of ‘curing’ gay people from their gayness takes over reason, we definitely need a term to describe those who become avid followers. The term for a woman is ‘hasbian’.

Term: Cottaging (verb)

Explanation: To hook up with someone in public toilets.

Heterosexual Use: ‘Maria spiċċat ticcottageja ġot-toilets ta’ <insert name of Paceville club here> il-bieraħ!’ [Maria ended up cottaging in the toilets].

Lesson: It’s not only gay men who hook up in public toilets: straight youngsters do it as avidly and willingly as anyone else, particularly in the drunken haze that is PV.

Term: Fish and Chips (noun)

Explanation: The wife and children of a married man who sleeps with men on the side.

Heterosexual Use: ‘I don’t like your fish and chips! You told me you loved me, why don’t you leave them?’

Lesson: Home wreckers exist in both the gay and the straight worlds. Having a term to describe the lawful wife and children is a must.

Term: Ice-Cream (noun)

Explanation: Someone who’s so sweet you just want to lick them.

Heterosexual Use: ‘Taylor Swift vera mazza eh… U ice-cream!’

Lesson: We all know that one person who’s sweet enough to lick so we should have such a term to describe them without sounding like complete perverts.

Term: Vegetarian (noun)

Explanation: A gay man who will not perform oral.

Heterosexual Use: ‘Aw, dik Krista vegetarian eh. Lanqas riedet tinżilli għalih!’ [Krista is a vegetarian, she didn’t even want to go down for it]

Lesson: Some women don’t enjoy giving oral – fact. Men will want to share that – fact.

Term: Miss Congeniality (noun)

Explanation: A gay person who is really bitchy. Extremely rude.

Heterosexual Use: ‘Dik Rita vera Miss Congeniality! Ħlief tqasqas fuq dik u fuq l-oħra ma tafx, u kieku darba tismagħha tgħid xi ħaġa tajba fuq xi ħadd!’ [That Rita is a real Miss Congeniality, all she does is gossip about this one and about that one.  Not once do you hear her say anything nice about anyone.]

Lesson: Bitches come in all colours, shapes, sizes and sexualities, and sometimes bitchy just doesn’t cut it.

Term: Lounge Lizard (noun)

Explanation: Someone who tries to get with their friends’ friends time and time again.

Heterosexual Use: ‘Mela Janice lounge lizard jew! Ma’ sħabi kollha ħarġet!’ [Janice is really a lounge lizard, she has gone out with all my friends.]

Lesson: Going with people’s friends for the hell of it is wrong, you lounge lizard you!

Do you think you’ll start using any of these terms? Do you find them helpful? Let us know in the comments’ section below!