Making a home for the homeless

Gregory Kloehn - TheBoredPanda

A renowned American artist from Oakland, Gregory Kloehn, is creating one room shelters for people who live on the streets. From creating sculptures for the rich and receiving a healthy income from his work, he has now found a way to help those who are less fortunate than both himself and his usual clients and who definitely have more of a pressing need for his creative works.

Kloehn goes ‘dumpster diving’ to get materials for his creations. He creates homes using unwanted materials that are transformed into colourful and practical shelters for the homeless. The shelters have a pitched roof to allow the rain to run off them and are on wheels so that they can be moved around.

From discarded wooden pallets and other materials, Kloehn creates homes which are as big as a sofa and which definitely mean the world for those in need of a roof over their heads.

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