Getting your ideas funded, made easy

Crowdfunding is the collection of funds from a ‘crowd’ of backers usually brought together through an online web platform such as or A campaign to fund your idea can be set up in a few easy steps. Crowdfunding may just be the final push you need to set up your own business and to realise your dreams.

It has been the means by which several museums and organisations abroad have successfully accomplished some projects that the government or the usual benefactors did not see the full potential of. A recent example is the film, Veronica Mars which was launched recently in cinemas. Warner Bros did not think there would be enough interest in the film to justify backing it.  Here is where came in. The movie was backed by over 91,000 backers and raised over $5 million.

Projects being launched here in Malta are getting great feedback. People seem to enjoy the sense of interaction they get from being involved in the creation of a new product or in the launch of a campaign. They seem to be ready to take a leap of faith to back these projects and see them come to life.

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