How to Procrastinate Less During Study Time

June Sight Photography

As the exam period steadily approaches, weekends turn into one long study session that leave no time for partying, fun and the usual lazing about. However, even confined within the four cold walls of the bedroom turned prison, most of us mere humans find it difficult not to procrastinate.

One quick peek at the Facebook time-line can lead to an hour-long session to never before explored nooks of the internet. However do not fret, there are ways to keep your procrastination monster at bay!

First of all, we suggest that you start off your day by creating a list of what you want to achieve during that day, leaving plenty of time to clear your mind and recharge between sessions. Get rid of any unnecessary distractions, put your phone on silent – that’s a must, close all social media and immerse yourself as much as possible into the topic you are tackling. Some people find that having background music helps them concentrate on the task at hand.

Take short breaks by going for quick half-hour walks, even just around the block. This will help give you an energy boost,  and allow you to keep going for longer. Motivate yourself by creating your own deadlines and reward yourself when you achieve your goals by having some well-deserved down-time.

The last thing to keep in mind is that the feeling of satisfaction after a hard day studying gives you more peace of mind than a day spent dragging your feet.