Interview with Lisa Ellul

Lisa Ellul in the local drama Ic-Caqqufa Lisa Ellul on the set of Game of Thrones

Date of birth: 12 July 1976

Where do you live: Attard

Status: Married

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: PA

Media-related occupation: Actress

Lisa started acting from her childhood years, initially in village and school performances and eventually landed more prominent roles following drama and stunt courses in Malta and Luxembourg.  She is also Trinity qualified.  Lisa is credited as the stunt double of Ali Hillis in Open Water 2: Adrift and as the stunt double of Rachel Weisz in Agora. She has also featured in a number of roles on other international productions, including Game of Thrones, Sinbad, Come un Delfino (la serie), Napoleon, Harbour of Hope and WWZ. Her theatrical contributions include Oliver, The Wicked Wizard of Oz, High School Musical and Milied b’Differenza.

We have also seen Lisa in Simpatici, Eklissi and in a number of commercials and music videos, but everyone knows her as ‘Benna’, a main character she plays in the leading local drama Ic-Caqqufa.

So far, which was the movie/drama which you enjoyed working on most of all and in which you gained most experience?

Open Water 2: Adrift was an incredible experience.  In that film, my role was as the stunt double of the main actress and it involved constant interaction with the cast and crew.

Do you collect anything?


Would you buy an expensive car, or would you prefer the same amount of cash in your bank account?

Cash please.

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Do you have any?

I consider tattoos as an art and some are simply incredible. I might consider getting one myself some day.

Which of your hobbies costs you the most money?

Raising my children. It has become my full time hobby and can be pretty expensive at times!

What makes you really angry?

Ignorance on the roads.