Has Beyoncé let us down?

Beyoncé is one of the most iconic women out there. She’s incredibly talented, not to mention beautiful, and she has been an idol for so many for as long as I can remember. Her songs have always screamed independent woman and I don’t know many women that don’t admire her in some way or another. However, when I saw the video for her new song Partition I couldn’t help but feel let down, and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

I don’t want to sound too much like a raging feminist but her stringy outfit and consequent exposure isn’t very inspiring. Neither is the stripper-esque grinding up and down a rope, putting it where ropes certainly shouldn’t be put. Accompanied with lines such as ‘I just wanna be the girl you like’ and ‘Hand prints and good grips on my ass’, the image we get is far from what we expect from the likes of the glamorous Beyoncé that we see in one of her best known songs, Single Ladies. What ever happened to Don’t pay him any attention?

It seems a lot of female music artists are headed this way; first it was Miley with her Wrecking Ball video and then it was Shakira and Rihanna in their joint video Can’t Remember To Forget You. But I have to say, I never expected Beyoncé to join this sexually objectifying bandwagon. The songs of these artists are good enough without the nudity and seductive dancing, and I would have expected Beyoncé to vouch for this.

I can appreciate that competition in the music industry is changing, but it’s not as if Beyoncé and Miley are in the same league, vocally or iconically. I even find it difficult to write this since I am such a huge fan of B; let’s hope that this was a one-off for the queen of ultimate girl power.

Authored by: Antonia Street