Sniffles in the air


Have you ever wondered about this? What if there was a natural herb that could aid our respiratory systems, strengthen our lungs from the daily pollution and impurities we are exposed to?  Is there a herb or natural product which can treat colds, coughs, allergies and generally improve overall lung functions?

Well, guess what? THERE IS!

VASAKA is well known in Ayurveda medicine (traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent) for its beneficial natural effects in respiratory ailments.  It is widely used for treating colds, coughs, asthma and chronic bronchitis, whilst exhibiting supportive therapy for symptomatic relief in pulmonary infections.  It is a natural anti-inflammatory, which eases congestion and coughing by helping reduce mucus in a person’s airways and, as mentioned earlier, can improve overall lung functions.

An Ayurvedic doctor in Kerala (South India) first introduced me to this remedy and explained how many people , especially those who are heavy smokers, use this herb to aid their respiratory system, strengthen their lungs, and treatnuisances such as colds, coughs and asthma.  Being an ongoing sufferer of allergies, I thought that I would give it a try, after all, its a natural product.

Remembering how the pollution and dust of Delhi had affected me the last time I was there, I started taking VASAKA two weeks before travelling to the city!

I must admit, I was more than a little sceptical of its effects at first, but I decided to give  it a go. I bought the tablet form and took one every day as was recommended to me and as dramatic as it may sound, it simply changed my life!

After two months of taking Vasaka, I was no longer as sensitive to dust as I used to be. I used to be very much affected by changes in the climate, but this is no longer the case.  I no longer suffer from shortness of breath, even in the most polluted of India’s cities.

VASAKA is the most effective remedy I’ve come across for these conditions and I just had to share it with Eve readers especially during Spring, this allergy and flu borne time of year.

Eat well, sleep well and drink plenty of water.