What a Cunning App!

When it comes (ahem) to oral sex, some people need a bit of…instruction. Right?

Well that is what the San-Francisco-based team Club Sexy Time reckon. These guys have just come up with a new Smartphone app that allows the user to practise cunnilingus whenever they have got a spare moment (yes, waiting for the bus just got so much more intense but you have to be prepared for some curious looks from other passengers!)

The app which is called Lick This (and can be downloaded from lickthisapp.com) currently offers three types of exercises (much more fun than the gym). And here they are:

Up n’ Down – which gets users to flick (yes, would you believe it?) a light switch up and down as  quickly as they can.

Circleswhich gets you frantically tonguing a mechanical pencil sharpener (I can no longer walk past a stationary shop without breaking into a cold sweat)

Freestyle which involves a bouncing beach ball , literally bouncing all over the place.

You too could have this on your phone! (beats speed dialling any day, right?)

All those budding cunni-athletes are encouraged to wrap their phone in cling film before the licking begins (can’t forget the hygiene) but then you can just go for it!

Almost as fun as playing Tetris.  But with more potential squelching.