Interview with Andrea Cassar

Age: 35

Where do you live: Birguma

Status: Married

Star Sign: Aries

Main occupation: CEO in a ship repair company

Media-related occupation: Producer/Presenter

Andrea Cassar has been involved in the audio visual industry since her days at university. Whilst reading for her degree, she was actively involved in producing and presenting television shows. Throughout the past 18 years, she has hosted a multitude of shows, ranging from award winning children’s programmes, discussion shows, and the trend-setting prime time show Liquorish.

Andrea explains, “I have been honoured to present a number of prestigious events throughout my career, both locally and overseas, and have been awarded the ECO Award and the Youth of the Year Award  for the voluntary work I have been involved with over the years. My passion for adventure and travel has given me the opportunity to produce the TV show Liquorish. This has been on the air for the past 10 years and during which time, we have transmitted incredible footage of the beauty and culture of a number of far flung countries and have filmed our amazing adventures in those countries”, continued Andrea Cassar in her introduction to this interview with Ramona Portelli.

Do you have a grooming regime?

According to the people who take care of my image, my grooming regime is very basic and straightforward. Believe it or not my personal beauty regime is always the last thing on my mind. It has actually gotten worse now that I have had my second child, as it makes it much harder for me to find time to pamper myself.  Yet, I do make the effort for the standard facial cleanse every day, whilst using a good moisturiser (as I’m not getting any younger and I’m expecting fine lines to start appearing!)

What’s the number one fashion item you couldn’t live without, and why?

Shoes – I love them. They complete an outfit and I just love having everything to match, so I make sure I have shoes to go with all my outfits.

What’s the most money you have spent at one go?

Can’t remember. Yet, I’m a shopping freak when I go abroad. So I make sure to leave the pleasure and thrill of shopping for my travelling  trips.

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing? And why?

Dining out – I think I’m past the clubbing stage. I had my fair share of clubbing, I have become a morning person – I can’t take the late hours much, any more.

What was your biggest failure to date?

I’m a very positive person by nature.  I’m one of those people who see the glass half full and not half empty, so I don’t think about failures.  Failing is not in my vocabulary. Persistence and determination are key to overcome failure.

Do you usually hoard things or regularly throw stuff out?

I’m must say, that according to my husband, I am more inclined to hoarding, than to throwing stuff away…lol!

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