Beauty with a Green Conscience

So, I have just finished taking pictures for the next Exit Interview Series post which I publish at the end of each month on my blog. In this series of posts, I share with my readers, products that I would have used up during the month in question and I also give a brief description of the products’ performance.

However, I do not simply throw away the product containers once I am done with them. I try to recycle or reuse them, as much as possible. Ever since my Mum started working as a Recycling Advisor four years ago, she has made us much more aware about the importance of recycling and the positive impact that this has on our environment… it is amazing how much recyclable material can be accumulated in a day!

Below are a few examples of how I separate cosmetics’ packaging and the actual product casing, once I have used up the products.

First and foremost, if we consider the basic principle of waste reduction, i.e. the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, the primary aim is to actually reduce the amount of packaging a product comes with, but since that is something completely beyond my control, I tend to either put the packaging for actual recycling or else, I reuse it! It is important to note though, that many companies have reduced their packaging or are opting for recycled packaging, all together.

This is especially so when I receive online orders. If the order comes in a good sized carton box, I would use this, for example, to store eye shadows and give my makeup drawers a more organised look.

Bubble-wrap can also be reused, as can glass and plastic containers. The latter two make cute brush holders! Just make sure you wash them thoroughly first! Cute tins can also be kept as decorations or to store little trinkets or jewellery in.

Right now I am using this nail polish remover which comes in a handy pump dispenser type of bottle. This container has proved to be very efficient for other liquids and solvents I use when doing nails. If I don’t need any more containers of the sort, I would remove the cap and separate it in a different recycling box than the actual container.

Recyclable plastic caps serve a noble purpose – schools are encouraged to collect as many caps as they can and, depending on the weight, organisations benefit from a monetary donation through ‘L-Istrina’. Caps can come from cleaners, perfumes, hair products, etc.

Glass bottles, such as perfumes are also recycled locally and exported to make new things out of them. Plastic containers and tins also undergo the same fate.

See how easy it is to have a green conscience? So, next time you are throwing out beauty products, take a minute to see if you can reuse or recycle, for the sake of the environment we want to offer future generations.