Preparing to go back to work after maternity leave

© Brooke Fasani Auchincloss/Corbis

I’m going back to work soon and I’m getting edgy! Is there anything I can do before the big day to make the shift straightforward? 

There’s enough to get used to when you are a new mum! Add your demanding job back into the mix, and it’s a combination for utter disorder! Make your transition from new mum to working mum less stressful with these helpful hints:

Practice your morning routine. During the two weeks between when the nanny started coming in and before I went back to work, my husband and I did “dry runs” of what our mornings would be like getting ready for work. Who got up with the baby? What was the showering schedule? Who was on kid-sitting duty when? What needed to be organised before we left for the day? We tried our routine and tweaked what wasn’t working without the stress of worrying that mummy would be late on her first week back. By the time I returned for real we were old pros!
Do some pre-work pampering
. If you lived in a velour track suit and barely brushed your hair during maternity leave, like me, you’ll probably want (and need) to treat yourself to some pampering before making your début as a working mum. On your first day you’ll be the centre of attention with co-workers welcoming you and asking questions. You’ll feel more confident about returning to work if you look and feel great. So get your hair cut, a mani and pedi, or even a new outfit for your first day. This is like a coming out party – go all out and have fun!