Frizzy, damaged, uncontrollable hair… Enough!

If you are experiencing damaged and dry hair, if your hair gets unbelievably frizzy and coarse, don’t give up – we present to you Elasticizer, the first Pre-Shampoo Conditioning Treatment to ever be invented! 

Here are some accolades this product has earned: Winner of Best Deep Conditioning Mask of InStyleBest Beauty Buys 2012 and 2014; Best Intensive Hair Treatment – Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2012; and Philip Kingsley’s Product Hero.

Elactisizer takes us back 26 years ago, when trichologist Philip Kingsley designed this hair saviour for the celebrity herself Audrey Hepburn.

Elasticizer injects the right amount of moisture into dry hair thanks to its natural castor oil and olive oil ingredients which lock in moisture for bounce and shine without weighing down or coating the hair. It contains Silicones to smooth and protect, whilst Elastin strengthens the hair and gives it more elasticity.

Healthy hair when stretched, gives you 30% of extra elasticity, whilst damaged hair snaps immediately when stretched.

Elasticizer is packed with nutrients and works wonders on damaged and extremely broken hair as a result of chemical over-processing, physical trauma or poor health.

More frequent use of this intensive treatment formula will restore suppleness, elasticity, shine and bounce.

Directions for use:

Use on dry hair prior to shampooing.

Apply to hair in small sections for best results.

Distribute evenly with finger tips to ensure full coverage.

Follow by shampooing and conditioning.

Philip Kingsley is found in leading Hair Salons, for more information: T. 21410008

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