Any day can be a good day!

When it’s that time of the month… don’t you just want to curl up with your fluffiest pillow on the sofa, family-sized pack of crisps and chocolate box at hand, and immerse yourself in a movie marathon? Sometimes you’ll rue the day you didn’t check whether your period will coincide with a camping trip or flight date, or, damn, you can’t have pantyline showing in that wedding outfit you’d planned on wearing!

Familiar scenarios? You’ll find the Lil-Let product that’s just right to sort out each and every one of them with minimum fuss and maximum comfort and efficacy.

The No.1 UK brand, the complete range of female hygiene products by Lil-Lets include pads, tampons and panty liners designed specifically for this reason.

The Lil-Let non-applicator tampons expand widthways rather than lengthways which, as you know, means better protection and more comfort.

Lil-Let towels and pantyliners now also come in the Teen Range – designed to fit younger bodies. They are shorter and narrower to ensure comfort and, in addition, the day and night towels are more absorbent than the leading adult towel.

The teen liners, besides offering a comfortable fit for everyday wear, come with four resealable pouches in every pack – perfect for keeping in school bags!

The whole range of Lil-Lets female hygiene products can be found at most pharmacies and supermarkets across Malta.

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