Interview with Grazielle Camilleri

Date of birth: 7th April, 1975

Where do you live: St. Julians

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Aries

Main occupation: Social media & marketing consultant

Media occupation: Car racer & dancer

Hobbies: Dancing, horse-riding, car racing, gym training

Grazielle Camilleri considers herself to be a very healthy person. She enjoys practising a variety of sportive activities including jogging, squash, dancing, weight training, horse-riding and car racing.

Her life would not be the same without sports. For Grazielle, car racing and dancing are the best of both worlds. These past three years, Grazielle has participated and raced in four car races in Pergusa and Racalmuto, Sicily.  “I feel that it helps keep me fit and mentally relaxed, and there is also the social aspect because I meet a lot of people while practising sports,” explained Grazielle Camilleri in her introduction to this interview with Ramona Portelli.

You are definitely not afraid of vehicles speed. 

What kind of thrill do you feel when you are racing?

No, I love speed! I feel my heart racing at a much faster pace when I am driving at such speeds.  I also enjoy all the preparations that come with it, such as getting the car ready with everything it needs to perform at its best. I look forward to go racing again next year. I’ve had to travel quite a lot in the past year due to various commitments, so I have had to skip a few sessions on the race-tracks in Sicily!

What’s the most money you have spent in one go?

Money spent on shopping? On a car? I think I’ll keep it a secret! Haha!

If you were to win a big lottery, what would you do with the money?

If I were to win the lottery, I would buy myself another property as an investment.  I would also book more holidays to places in the world that I have not yet ticked off my wish list – that includes Australia, India, Las Vegas and South Africa– and yes, I will spend a lot of time shopping for clothes, shoes and bags!

Are you a good cook? If yes, what is it that you cook really well?

I would say that I’m a decent cook. I love cooking dishes that are healthy, such as salads with fresh salmon, tuna or chicken. I enjoy making pasta dishes like tortellini and raviolini with white or red sauces and also meat dishes and potatoes.

Nothing too complicated!

What are your weaknesses?

I think I can be a harsh self-critic sometimes, so I get frustrated over little things and on a food note, I give in to eating lots of sweets and ice-creams!

What do you think is your best asset?

I would say that it is how easily I am able to communicate with all types of people, an asset which is very important for my career.

Do you collect anything?

I do collect hats and caps. I’ve been collecting them for many years now.

At the moment, I know you are involved in promoting an exciting motor stunt show in Malta. Can you let readers know more about this event?

Sure! Italian stunt team Bizzarro from Italy are here in Malta.  There will be a fantastic show at Manoel Island every day between 11th April and 4th May. The show features the best of the stunt acts, dangerous and exciting scenes which have been used in Hollywood movies,such as men standing on moving cars as they flip to the side, three cars driving on two side wheels, yes tilted at incredible angles and also bike stunts. Car enthusiasts and fans of stunts will be treated to a new thrilling event this year as a car stunt team has prepared an exciting show which is no less than 90 minutes long and which is sure to be a thrilling event for the general public out there.

It is also an entertaining event for the family or for groups of friends as it is open daily at Manoel Island.  This is definitely a show you will thoroughly enjoy this month in Malta! Event info.