DIY – Half Moon Manicure / Reversed French Manicure

Reverse Manicures, or as we all know them, Half Moon Manicures, are bang on trend at the moment! They offer a pretty design, without being over the top – in fact, the look is extremely pulled together and chic!

You can pull off this design with two contrasting nail colours, but for the sake of elegance, I suggest you dig out your nude & black nail polish, and let’s get started!

– File your nails to your desired length, and apply a base coat. This will help protect your nails from possible staining since we are going to be using a black polish next. A base coat will also make your nail polish adhere better to your nails, therefore improving the longevity of the polish.

– Apply a thin, but even layer of your black polish, making sure it is completely even and opaque, to avoid applying a second coat. It your polish is too sheer, apply a second thin coat to give even coverage to your nails. Allow this to completely dry – and this is super important! Your nails have to be completely dry to proceed to the next step, so get ready to watch a favourite episode, because black polish tends to take quite some time to dry!

– Using a file paper hole reinforcement, place one on the top of each nail close to the cuticle, rest the hole on the tip of your finger and allow the edge of the sticker to rest onto your nails. Press firmly onto your nails for it to stay in place.

– Paint your nails with your nude polish, making sure it completely masks the black polish. Two coats will give optimal results. If you manage to avoid painting over the sticker it will be easier not to mess up your manicure when removing them.

– When your nude polish is still wet, remove the stickers and allow your nails to completely dry. Seal your masterpiece with a top coat, and viola’, you have …

New York’s Fashion Week’s hottest trend for Spring 2014 on your own nails!

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