Turning the Industry on Its Head? Duh!


A Facebook post featuring a photoshoot of a male model recreating Miranda Kerr’s poses featured in the 2014 May issue of GQ Magazine is causing quite a hoo-ha.

Apparently, the Bondi Hipsters’ (as their Facebook Page is named) aim is to highlight the difference between the way men and women are portrayed in the media, the over-sexualization of the female body and the type of questions women are asked in interviews.

“Thought we might turn the industry on it’s head… It’s a little different when it’s a mahn, isn’t it?…” they wrote, above the photoshoot they posted featuring ‘hipsters’ Dom Nader as model and Adrian Archer, the photographer. facebook.com/BondiHipsters

Well, yes, especially when the ‘mahn’ is a bearded, hairy, tattooed guy imitating an exquisite female super model who, by the way, was being shot by no one other than renowned photographer Mario Testino. Tongue-in-cheek funny? Maybe. Strange and unfamiliar? Definitely. Odd? That too.

But then it’s equally strange to see desexualized models striding down the catwalk in submissive postures, or sickly-looking models of any gender when heroine-chic was fashionable.

Of course males and females are portrayed differently! And why not? It’s got nothing to do with respect (for any gender and of any sexual orientation), equal opportunities, etc.

A “Get your arse out, mate” clip featuring real encounters of an undercover, attractive woman with men in London, showcasing sexist situations experienced by women, is a times funny, jarringly too true or bordering on overly politically correct.

However, that also depends on personal perspective, intention, and the mood of the person on the receiving end of certain ‘compliments’.

For fear of saying something politically incorrect and getting mobbed in the street, I’ll stop here. But then I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve exchanged ‘pleasantries’ with workers on building sites (oops an other stereotype!) and excepted creative – not vulgar – compliments graciously. One of them would be bound to come to my rescue!