Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa Student Wins Coveted ITS Titles


Kami Scerri granted school’s Best Food & Beverage Student Award, as well as Best Sommelier Student Award.

The Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa’s group and events manager, Kami Scerri, recently secured two top Institute of Tourism accolades at a recent awards event: Best Food and Beverage Student, and Best Sommelier Student.

As a graduate of the Diploma in Events Management at ITS, Ms Scerri’s practical and theoretical talent was assessed throughout the year, and she was highlighted for her clear capabilities, diligence and dedication.

“I took the course very seriously and absorbed as much information as I could so as to learn the trade,” says Ms Scerri, who now works full-time at the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa in Attard. “I believe that, if you want to get something right, then you have to be hands on, and to learn-by-doing. I know this kind of attitude will be absolutely vital in all aspects of my career.”

Looking back on her course, Ms Scerri believes that ITS gave her the correct foundation skills to enter the tourism industry. Beyond that, the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa has given her the opportunity to develop her abilities further and put her knowledge into practice.

“I have worked my way up from waitressing so I know all the challenges of the industry,” she continues. “But I absolutely love the fast-paced work environment, the opportunity for career advancement and the rush that comes from all the hard work paying off. It is incredibly rewarding to know that your guests and clients are satisfied with the service you have provided. I am thrilled to have received these awards, and now look forward to everything that my career with Corinthia has to bring.”

The ITS Best Food and Beverage Student Award was sponsored by the Corinthia Group of Companies, while Cleland & Souchet supported the award for Best Sommelier Student.