What does your pet choice say about you?

© Rick Maiman/Sygma/Corbis

Interestingly, various research has shown that certain types of personalities are more likely to gravitate towards certain kinds of pets and animals. Here are a few examples of typical findings – and whether you love the loyalty of dogs, independence of cats, or are fascinated by snakes there is a wider choice of pets nowadays than many people realise…

Dogs – Often those who prefer dogs above other pets are the more sociable types. They are thought to be more extroverted, more agreeable and accepting and have great social orientation; also they are more conscientious than the average person. They will have a tendency to show self-discipline, complete tasks and aim for the highest levels of achievement. Notably they prefer planned rather than spontaneous behaviour, and they will have conventional and traditional interests.

Cats – Cat people are considered likely to be more neurotic, but very open. The openness will be reflected in their talents, interest and appreciation of art, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination curiosity and emotion. They are thought to be more likely to hold unconventional beliefs. Their personality is more introverted, less sociable and not at all dominant or aggressive, but more shy and timid.

Fish – The assumption with fish owners is that they are somewhat emotionally detached and non-committal, but in contrast to that side of their personality, they can be the most engaging people you come across. They are optimistic, hopeful and non-materialistic. Fish are certainly not made for cuddles so it is understandable that fish owners are found to be rather independent and flighty in regards to what keeps them interested. Having short attention spans and becoming bored very easily are personality traits associated with this pet.

Birds – Bird owners are typically proud and dignified people. They are no-nonsense and to-the-point human beings who do not have time for fake or pretentious kinds. They are considered to have a higher intellect and very genuine personalities.

Snakes – Snake owners are a fan of the unusual and like to be different; standing out from the crowd is something that they thrive on. The snake is considered the ‘showman’s pet’ and the owner is likely to relish the role. They will be confident, outspoken and excitable.

So if you are considering a new animal addition to your family – does the above ring any bells to you?

For more information on which pet is the right choice for you, and the pet care involved in owning that particular animal, I would recommend checking out Your Pet which offers care and advice tips on everything from small furries to reptiles. And good luck in your decision making!