Let’s Do It Malta!

Have you ever noticed something that needed to be changed and had the thought of ‘if only I could encourage people to get motivated to join me in this…’

Let’s Do It were thinking along those lines 6 years ago in Estonia. It all began when a group of Estonians came together with the intention of motivating people to join them to clean the whole country. What happened afterwards went down in history as one of the biggest civil movements ever, with the campaign spreading to 111 countries which led to a total of 187 clean-ups and 9 million volunteers! This year history is repeating itself in more than 20 Mediterranean countries and one of them is Malta.

Let’s Do It Malta will join the Let’s Do It Mediterranean on the 10th and 11th May to clean parts of Malta, Gozo, Comino and areas of our sea! Right now Let’s Do It Malta is working on organizing the 2 day clean up but it is also looking for hundreds of volunteers to help on the days of the clean-up and also to contribute within the coordinating team.

If you want to contribute in making your surrounding environment better and cleaner, this is your opportunity!

Contact Let’s Do It Malta on malta@letsdoitworld.org

Find Let’s Do it on facebook: facebook.com/LetsDoItMalta

Let’s Do It World: letsdoitworld.org

Estonia clean up: