An Old Head on a Young Body

© Image Source/Corbis

Are you one of those people who was mature beyond your years when younger or indeed do you feel this way now? You did not feel connected with your peers, you did not play the childish games, you preferred adult company, or being in nature, or you just felt different, perhaps not even of this planet?

You see no point in going out to get hammered for the sake of it or going out looking for trouble… What’s the fun in that?

Were you an infant prodigy, playing classical music at five years old, or a whiz at mathematics?

Indeed, were you an old head on young shoulders?

How can this be explained except that we have been achievers in past lives bringing some of that imprint with us into this life.

Many consider that this returning “spirit” chooses its parents and that the spirit enters the womb to take its new body (vehicle) about three months before human birth.

Unlike your school friends, you are wise (in old knowledge) and you are conscious. You need to develop the growing consciousness and awareness and to let some rub off onto others.

Once you recognise that this is what is happening to you, you will understand why you feel the way you do. You will seek out the right people, by intention, to meet on your path and to learn lessons from them (they will also learn from you) or they will seek you out. Then you will develop. The universe will put these people in your path.  We call these events co-incidences or synchronicities.

You just need to make the connection and trust in your instinct.

The people whose paths cross with yours won’t all seem helpful, but you will learn from some who engage in confrontation, just as you will learn from some showing loving support and encouragement.

You have a purpose here. Recognise it by seeing what you like to do and did as a child. Those skills may guide you to your purpose in the scheme of things.

Lastly, for now, don’t act old all the time. Seek out the inner child and enjoy playful, childlike activities for your whole life, dance and sing.

Life is meant to be fun and not serious.