Healthy and Tasty


Healthy and tasty. When I was a child, I thought the two were mutually exclusive. After all, how can a Brussels sprout possibly be delicious? Or a floret of broccoli? Even in adulthood, when I go out to lunch with friends and I order a salad I get funny looks saying ‘oh come on, a SALAD? Today is a treat, I’m sure you can afford better!’

The thing is, a salad when done creatively can be wonderful. Recently I came across pear and walnut and blue cheese. I also found avocado and pineapple. Both were delicious and tasty and fantastic. I have also found that slicing fresh brussel sprouts in half, drizzling with a little honey and roasting them gives these little veggies some texture and character.

I think the way we eat has evolved. In the 80s and 90s I remember fried food being the basic enemy, as well as red meat. People used to think bread and pasta were the way to go. Fast forward twenty years and a complete 180 has been made, making meat and vegetables the key to a healthy diet.

I honestly believe we live in an age where people are more health conscious than ever. There is an abundance of more nutritious options on most restaurant menus. People are also more aware, with information at our finger tips and children being educated from a young age at school regarding better food choices.

The most important thing is to love oneself and when one chooses food wisely and nutritiously, you are doing just that.