Interview with Heinrich Camilleri

Claire Farrugia

Age:- 37

Where do you live:- Valletta

Status:- Married

Star Sign:- Aquarius

Main occupation:- Sales Executive

Media-related occupation:- Actor and presenter for Gladiators Fight Nights and Prize Boxing Promotions

Most people ask him why his parents called him Heinrich. Well, his grandma is German so that’s where his name comes from, however Heinrich was born and bred in Valletta. He is married to Annalise and they have a daughter, Ylenia.

Heinrich started acting when he was 12 years old in various good Friday plays in Valletta. He never looked back and wanted to learn more. He took drama courses also sitting for Trinity College Theatre exams. As for local television, he took part in various series such as Fenomeni, Simpatici, Qeghdin Sew, La Farfalla, Dellijiet, Deceduti, Maskra, Rajt ma Rajtx. At the moment he is appearing on Zafira which will go on till June 2014.  He also did a some commercial work for local and foreign television.

Heinrich was an extra in The Count of Montekristo, Gladiator and recently had the opportunity to meet Raoul Bova in the Italian TV series, Come un Delphino. “Working as a part-time actor is not that easy. One has to find time to study scripts, long hours of filming, but at the end, seeing the final result is very rewarding and at the same time it’s pleasing entertaining people. Over the past 3 years, I’m also presenting Kick-boxing and boxing events. It’s very challenging and I must say I’m really enjoying it too”, stated Heinrich Camilleri in this introduction for his interview with Ramona Portelli.

What’s a hobby you spend money on?

Kick-boxing, gym and my healthy lifestyle.

Do you prefer women or cars? 

I’m not really into cars, so it’s definitely women. Although they’re more expensive, women give you back more than a car does!!

What was the best advice ever given to you?

Never look back! Believe and achieve.

Are you a good cook? What is it that you make really well?

Good cook… NO… but I do eat very well :)

What do you think is your best asset?

I consider myself very down to earth! I criticise myself a lot and always aim to improve in all I do! I never tire of learning more.