Living Fearlessly

© Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Corbis

Sitting down to think about your fears is harder than it sounds, as by consciously facing them, you bring your demons to life. However, there comes a point when a decision must be made on whether you’ll let your fears control you or whether it will be the other way around. This is not easy, but no good thing is.

The demon I happened to come across lately was when I found myself dealing with the situation of living alone. On top of that I was abroad, not in Malta, where I could have called up one of my night owl friends for some company.

It was one of those unexpected challenges that get thrown at you out of nowhere. Had I seen it coming it might have lessened the blow if I had the time to mentally psych myself up for it, but I was not expecting to be in this situation. The plan was to share the flat with other people, but circumstances changed and I ended up living alone. For many this might be a preferable option, but not to me!

I looked forward to daytime but detested being alone at night time. I was overcome by fear when I arrived home at night and I was at a loss at what to do. I thought of leaving many times, but the fact is that I did not want to leave out of fear, but neither live in it. Having come to this realisation, I decided to face my fears and get to their source.

The first time I concentrated on my fears rationally, I made sure that I was outside surrounded by other people rather than at home alone.

When I got around to actually facing them at home, I sat down, wrote them on a piece of paper and tried to methodically tackle each fear or get rid of it.

No one likes being afraid and not in control of their situation, and sometimes fighting or fleeing is harder than it sounds, but it is either that or compromising your freedom to live as you desire without being shackled down by your fears.