The Multi-Orgasm Revolution

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I want to start a revolution.

A revolution that sees that we all have equal rights to orgasms; and one which doesn’t discriminate against gender. In other words, a revolution that makes us clench the bed sheets and curl our toes in enjoyment. A multi-orgasm revolution that won’t leave men the kings of coming and women the dutiful tools to get there.

Why? Because I’m a woman scorned and I have had it up to my uvula with lying motionless and displeased next to the occasional man who happens to end up in my bed. Why should they pant as we sigh? Why should they twitch as we bob?

It’s time to bring the Medieval mind-set back. The one that dictated that sex with no female orgasm was bad sex – and make it a multiple-orgasm affair.

Here’s my manifesto for it:

Demand: Science and psychology have proven that if you go into a hook up thinking you won’t have an orgasm, your body will actually limit your chances of having one. Believe that you deserve to come, expect to come, demand to come, and come!

Train: Your army of pubococcygeus (PC) muscles need to be trained regularly to ensure they function properly. Why? Because an orgasm is nothing more than an intense contraction of your pelvic floor muscles and your PC muscles. The stronger they are, the more blood floods into them and the more likely you are to orgasm. To do this: Locate your pelvic floor muscles by stopping urination in midstream – the muscles you use to do this are the ones you need to work on. To strengthen them: Lie on your back and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold your concentration for five seconds and relax for another five. Repeat five times. Also make sure you don’t need to wee before you do these Kegel exercises.

Foreplay: Oral is the holy grail of orgasms for women, so lie down, relax and let him slurp on your oyster.

Breaks: Coming will make the nerve endings on your channel of love very sensitive, but if you pull away you won’t come again, right? Right! So, take a break while you fluff him and go back to it after 5 minutes or so – the second one will make you scream.

Do you want to be part of Evelyn’s multi-orgasm revolution? Have you tried anything’s she suggested? Let us know!

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