Advanced Style

Ari Seth Cohen -

Why do so many women from up north neglect their beauty?

A Latin American woman, for example, would never be mistaken for a man, regardless of age, so why is it that young Scandinavians are caught up in their looks but as soon as a certain age is reached, the hair turns grey and there’s nothing to be done about it?

Not long ago I was sitting at a bus stop in Sliema, letting my eyes wander while waiting, and across the street just outside a hotel was a group of people, all of an age where you’d probably find it safer to travel as a group as opposed to travelling alone (and I’m not referring to youngsters but quite the opposite).

What made me look closer at this group however was the strange fact that I couldn’t make out if the group was made up of women or men. They all had short hair, wore Bermuda shorts, loose fitting shirts or T-shirts, sandals (some with socks) and had probably enjoyed a few (un)healthy helpings of pastries in their life.

After staring for some time I came to the sad conclusion that the group consisted of couples – men and women. To make matters worse, as I shamefully suspected, they all spoke Swedish.

When the bus finally showed up, I had figured out the difference between the men and women, which came down to a very simple and small detail: glasses – the women wore glasses. That was the only difference pointing at who was who in each couple.

This was not a specific group belonging to some kind of cult or religion– they were just Scandinavians, and it’s nothing strange at all, but very confusing.

I instantly went to visit US blogger Ari Seth Cohen’s site called Advanced Style to start feeling hopeful again. It’s a true source of inspiration when it comes to showing that style and beauty doesn’t stop after 50+.

Regardless if you like their style or not, seeing these lively ladies who are like a splash of colour – positive energy – on a rainy day, definitely makes someone’s day a little happier.

If that’s all they do, apart from enjoying the dress-up part themselves, it’s worth the hassle.

No one ever smiled seeing a woman resembling a man. Ari Seth Cohen does a great job capturing these extraordinary stylish ladies and browsing through his blog sure makes me smile.