Teatru Salesjan: Music Workshops with Luke Briffa & Alex Alden

Teatru Salesjan will be hosting singer-songwriter Alex Alden and drummer Luke Briffa for the second edition of this season’s Music Workshops, to be held this month. It invites upcoming vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers and songwriters to a fun gathering over three days. Topics covered include musical development, technique and coordination, musical performance, band setting exercises and composition.

Alex Alden will be discussing voice and songwriting techniques, including form and the effectiveness of tension and release, especially when accompanied by another instrument. Emphasis will also be given to the various methods and tricks in achieving a great performance and how to fulfil one’s role as a singer and composer.

Luke Briffa will be broadening the view on the fundamental techniques and coordination exercises on the drum set, translating ideas into rhythmical patterns and phrases, working within a rhythm section, working on basic techniques on the cajon, whilst keeping a clear focus on musicality in the work.

Alex Alden and Luke Briffa have been collaborating since December 2012. With Alex on the acoustic guitar and voice and Luke on percussion, namely the cajon, they performed in Malta on a weekly basis as an acoustic duo in venues around the island and at prominent events. While developing their live performance skills through playing covers and original songs, they also work behind the scenes by assisting each other with subjects such as songwriting, technique and theory.

Now, with an EP each under their belts – Luke with his Jazz trio, CUSP, and Alex with her solo EP The Curious Child – they have relocated to The Netherlands to pursue their quest for new musical experiences and to gain more knowledge in their fields of study. Their separate experiences from performing in other bands and their move to a foreign country to study Jazz and Pop at the Conservatory of Utrecht continues to add a richness to their sound and style of playing.

The workshops will be held at the Teatru Salesjan complex, Ġużé Howard Street, Tas-Sliema, on Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th April, 2014 from 5pm to 8pm. The participation fee is €30. For more information or to reserve a place in this exciting workshop, contact Edward Mifsud on edward@teatrusalesjan.com.