Making Your Budgeted Space Look Expensive!

Architecture mouldings have a huge effect on the complete look of your space Flowers bring elegance, charm and colour to a space Decorative items are not clutter. All unslightly objects should be tucked away in storage. The wooden look of a laminate floor can bring warmth and class into your home One of Donatella Versace's extravagant rooms being a perfect example of how less is sometimes more A more elegant living space incorporating gold finishes exhuberating sophistication

We all live on a budget and most probably we can think of better ways of spending 2,000 euros, rather than on a marble coffee table or designer chair.

Here are a few tips on how to get that celebrity home look, for cheap!

1. Use Architectural Moulding

This will give your space a renaissance look – what better way to symbolise elegance!

2. Buy yourself flowers

You will always find fresh flowers in Hollywood Homes. They represent nature, calmness and gives the illusion that you have the time to purchase fresh flowers for your home! Orchids are usually the first choice, but lillies and tulips also look sophisticated, especially in white!

3. De-clutter and store, store, store!

Unless the clutter is what I call organised clutter, it needs to be in hiding! Any magazines, ashtrays, letters, remote controls, clothing, toiletries and make up – they all need to be stored, exposing the clean, tidy counters which expensive houses always maintain!

4. Change your Flooring

If you love the look of parquet flooring but can’t afford it, thankfully,there’s laminate! It is a much more cost-effective alternative to natural wood, with resilience, durability and practicality.

5. Gold and Brass

Nothing says wealth like gold! We could be talking about gilded mirrors or gold leaf ceilings – the finished result could be exquisite! When bringing golden pieces into your house be careful you don’t overdo it because it can easily end up looking cheap, the exact situation we don’t want to achieve!

Should you have any questions or need advice on your own interiors, you can always leave a comment below.