Skincare that’s Make-up

Coverderm Malta

I once heard a guy defend his gender saying that ladies are so hard to please that we wouldn’t be totally satisfied with a guy, even if he was made up of a thousand men we had selected ourselves. I don’t know about that, but if it was a beauty product he was talking about… then he is definitely wrong!

Have you ever wished for one beauty product that performs all the desirable functions you could ask for, all in one bottle? Without multiple layers weighing down your face, one beauty product that you can quickly slap on to achieve a blemish-free complexion while also nourishing and protecting your skin? A product that is designed to keep functioning even if everyone else is wilting in a hot and humid climate?

Coverderm CC Cream for Face and CC Cream for Eyes do just that! They treat as skin care, they dress as make-up! 

A complete beauty regimen with skin brightening properties and natural tone colour correctors that are long-wearing, light-weight and oil-free. What’s more they contain anti-ageing ingredients and also act as a sunblock, preventing that sticky feeling you get when loading your face with more than one product. The CC Cream for Face comes in SPF 25 and the CC Cream for Eyes, which also acts against dark circles, is SPF 15.

Clinically tested and hypo-allergenic, they are waterproof and suitable for all skin types. These super-powered 12-in-1 creams come in two different shades: light beige and soft brown.

Make use of the Combi Pack launch offer and grab the opportunity to get the Coverderm Complete Care Cream for Eyes (worth14 euros) for free when purchasing Coverderm Complete Care Cream for Face (21 euros). 

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