The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

A while back my father decided to start cooking with coconut oil as he wanted to be healthier. I was sceptical to say the least. He kept at it and a few months later, I was reading about coconut oil everywhere, not only for cooking but also as a substitute for beauty products. Being the curious person that I am, I decided to give it a go and see what the fuss is about.

Before I tell you how my father’s home-made burgers tasted, let me explain that although both olive oil, which I tend to usually use, and coconut oil have approximately the same amount of calories, the mono-saturated fat in olive oil is 78% while that in coconut oil is only 6%.

When I took my first bite I could tell that there was a slight taste of coconut oil but it was more a case of knowing that something different was used rather than actually tasting it.

I then ventured into beauty. I read that as long as you don’t get any coconut oil in your eyes and test out a small area just in case you have a reaction to it, you’re all good and you can use coconut oil on your face.

So I went smearing the stuff on my freshly cleansed face. I instantly loved the smell and although it took a while to work into my face, the result was amazing. My face was left smooth and soft while smelling great. Since it’s an oil, I tend to use it less frequently than I use a moisturiser and usually I use it when I’ve had a long pamper session and need some deep moisturising.

Next up: hair. This was quite a challenge for me. I’m not a fan of messing about with my hair, but I took the plunge. I scooped up a good chunk of coconut oil which I held in my hands for a little while until it melted. I rubbed it into my dry hair, left it in for around 15 minutes and then washed it off, skipping conditioner.

It did require me being a bit more generous with the amount of shampoo I used in order to rinse out the coconut oil, but after I was done, I was happy with the result and it was worth it. My hair was very soft and silky, as though I’d had an intense hair mask applied. I do admit that I have naturally straight hair so this might have helped in giving these results.

Although I haven’t completely switched to using only coconut oil, I look forward to when I put aside my usual moisturiser, hair conditioner and olive oil and treat myself to a refreshing organic beauty treat.

Written by Claire Caruana