Planning Your Look for Graduation

© Tetra Images/Corbis

As soon as the date of my graduation ceremony was announced my mind has been going over the question of what to wear. There are so many things to consider: the dress, the shoes, the hairstyle, the accessories. Nobody wants to go overboard, but on one of the most important and memorable days of your life you want to be able to pull off a decent looking outfit.

On a shopping trip this week I finally found ‘The One’. I went for a fitted bodycon with black and white contrast panels that falls just below the knee. I don’t usually do long dresses; I’m not all that tall and worry that they make me look shorter, but this isn’t something the right pair of heels won’t fix.

When choosing your ensemble, remember to consider the colour scheme of your institution’s gown. My University’s colour is emerald green, so I went colour neutral to avoid any unflattering clashes. It’s easy to forget you’ll be wearing a gown that may be embellished with colour; make sure you’re fully prepared for it.

When it comes to shoes you have to go for something comfortably chic. By comfortable I mean shoes that won’t trip you up as you go to collect your certificate (let’s not pretend we haven’t imagined this scenario). I’ve decided on a plain black pair of pointed medium heel stilettos. There’s a gold cap on the toe which adds some much needed sass to an otherwise simple looking pair of shoes.

Hair and accessories have to scream elegance. I’m planning on wearing occasion jewellery that compliments my colour scheme and makes my outfit that little bit more special. I’ll attempt to put my hair in a classy up-do to keep it off my shoulders and gown.

As long as you choose a dress that you can sit in for two hours without feeling like you’re wrapped in cellophane and a pair of shoes that won’t trip you up, you’re all set for graduation. Just don’t forget to keep the colour scheme in mind or else an unfortunate and unprepared for clash could end up ruining your big day!

Authored by: Antonia Street