Gay Marriage Legalised in the UK Over the Weekend

At midnight on Friday 28th March gay marriage was legalised in the UK. The passing of this law saw a large number of couples racing to claim the title of ‘first gay couple married in Britain’ just moments after the clock struck twelve. Whereas civil partnerships were already allowed, this new reform means that should gay couples wish to marry to mark their commitment – they can.

Prime Minister David Cameron who had bravely faced a lot of opposition to the change dubbed the legalising of same sex marriages a ‘powerful message’ on equality in Britain. The legalisation means that couples married will have the same rights and implications surrounding their relationship regardless of gender.

In my opinion this is a long time coming and quite frankly gives all UK citizens the basic human right of committing their lives to the person that they love, regardless of whether their soul mate happens to be male or female.

Now, whilst some gay couples will race to say ‘I do’, those already committed by civil partnership, or who have married abroad from the UK will cement their love and union with an official wedding ceremony in their homeland.

The country, particularly London town was adorned with rainbow flags over the weekend to celebrate the decision. Gay or straight – the UK now recognises commitment and love remains the same despite your sexuality.

In the words of Mr Cameron himself: ‘Of course any marriage takes work, requires patience and understanding, give and take – but what it gives back in terms of love, support, stability and happiness is immeasurable.’