Boho Chic for Summer 2014

This trend may have had its peak some 10 years ago when J-Lo wore nothing but bohemian styles wherever she went – and good thing she did because no other style has proven to be so comfortable yet feminine and stylish at the same time.

During the hot summer weather, this is the wardrobe to opt for – floral prints, long wide skirts, maxi dresses and sandals teamed with colourful accessories and casual hairstyles. It’s likely to be that one style that has something for everyone, every size and seems to work well for all kinds of occasions; drinks at the beach, mothers on play dates, travel, weddings, shopping and the list goes on.

What’s great about the bohemian look is that there are no right or wrongs, it’s simply a creative whirlwind of colours, prints and textures from different eras and looks and has been widely adopted by celebrities and fashionistas all over.

Of course the style does not stop at clothes but can also be created for home decor, wedding themes, etc.

It’s a timeless style so whether you wore it last summer or 5 years ago doesn’t really matter, it’s always boho time!