Interview with Sue Rossi


What advise, which is not related to physical beauty, do you give aspiring professional models about how to increase their chances of being successful?

In order to be successful you must believe in and achieve all goals you wish for and be wise of what choices you make. Being organized and punctual for meetings and deadlines is very important as it will reflect on your personality and will make you look professional.

What in your opinion is an absolute no-no from all the grooming rituals a woman might neglect? (eg. chipped nails, roots, unkept eyebrows, etc.)

Personally I think all of them are important as we tend to judge a person mostly from the way they present themselves. It’s essential to keep ourselves well groomed at all times. You never know who you might meet and it could change your life in one second.

Who do you look up to in the Glamour industry and why?

I’ve always looked up to Lesley Lawson, mostly known as Twiggy. She has been an inspiration to me and still is to this day – a beautiful, sophisticated woman with a lovely personality. She is a true model icon.

What else are you passionate about or holds your interest besides the fashion and glamour industry?

Honestly, I’m a workaholic so I spend my time constantly thinking about the next step.

How do you keep in good shape?

Due to a back injury I had 12 years ago I can’t do heavy work-outs or complicated exercises so I try to eat very healthily and keep my diet well balanced. Being in this industry I have to be in good shape and have a healthy lifestyle. It’s become second nature now and it’s not difficult at all to maintain.

What do you consider to be your best achievement so far?

Running an agency for 27 years is a great accomplishment. Knowing that I’ve been through a lot in order to raise my kids and make my dream come true is a great achievement and honestly that’s what keeps me going. Nothing will stop me from getting the job done and organising myself day-to-day.