Has Dating Become A Thing of the Past?

© C.J. Burton/Corbis

At the risk of sound like a cliché, the Oxford dictionary says that a date is ‘a social or romantic appointment or engagement’. But should that be changed to ‘used to be a social or romantic appointment or engagement’?

Ever since my ex-partner packed his bags and headed out of town and out of my life, I have been trying to get back on my feet by going on a couple of dates. But people these days don’t seem to get the point of dates.

The other day, for example, this guy I met on Tinder (great app, by the way, you should try it) asked me out. He seemed like a sweet person but not my type at all. So to lessen the blow, I told him “You seem like a lovely person, but I’m not really dating yet.”

And do you know what this man replied? He said, “I didn’t ask you out on a date. I don’t go on dates with people I don’t know. I just asked you out for a drink.”

Excuse me?

What the hell do you think a date is? When I used to go out with my ex-husband or my ex-partner I wasn’t dating them, I was with them! A date is when you meet someone you don’t know or don’t know well, and you grab a drink and some food with them or go to the cinema.

Then, to add insult to injury, when I was telling the story to some of my girlfriends, one of their children – a bright, 23-year-old, please note – turned around and said: “Well, we don’t really do dates anymore these days.”

So, I asked him: “Well, how do you find out whether you like a girl or not then?”

And he said, nonchalantly, “We hook up at a club or bar, and then we talk over Facebook and meet again at the weekend. If things progress, then we sort of just decide to be together and then… well, it’s not dating, is it?”

The real blow came, however, when I asked him whether this was something he had come up with and he said, “No. All my friends have met their girlfriends and boyfriends like that.”

The hell?

I had only been with my partner for five years. Have I missed something? Is dating a thing of the past?

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