Countdown to Bride-O’Clock (Part 2)

We tackled wedding preparations from 6 months to a month before the big day in Countdown to Bride-O’Clock (Part 1) .

Here are some final essential tips for you to keep in mind to make sure you’ll look and feel your best on the day you say your I do’s.

2 weeks before

  • Get your final haircut or trim. No experimenting here, just stick to the look you love.
  • Eat right! Load up on fruits and veggies for energy, and avoid salt and fat.
  • Drink lots of water to help keep your skin clear and glowing.
  • Keep up the exercise.
  • Confirm all your big-day beauty appointments.
  • Remind your man to get his final trim if he hasn’t already done so.

1 week before

  • Avoid over-indulging in salty snacks and alcohol.
  • Get a bikini wax and a final eyebrow shaping, and take care of any facial or body hair you need removed.
  • Get a massage to relax some more… you could do this as a couple and have some quality time together before your big day.

1 day before

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Pack an emergency beauty kit for your wedding day and give it to your maid-of-honour.
  • Have a professional pedicure and manicure.
  • Take a long, relaxing bath.


  • Be sure to eat something. This is not a day to operate on an empty stomach.
  • Get your hair and makeup done. Wear a robe or button-down shirt that can be easily removed so that you don’t mess your look in any way.
  • Take a few moments to reflect on the meaning of the day before giving yourself one last once-over in the mirror.

Good Luck!