Interview with Angela Coleiro

Where do you live:– Birgu

Status:– Single

Star Sign:Pisces

Media-related occupation:– DJ/Presenter

ANGELA COLEIRO started her career in broadcasting back in 1985, when she used to present various radio programmes on Radju Malta.  At the same time she was lucky enough to receive training from representatives of BBC Radio 1 who used to visit Malta to train Xandir Malta presenters. Angela was also part of the team of the popular TV programme Ahna ‘Ahna Jew Mahniex on TVM, as one of the script writers and also as a cast member.

Later on in her career, for 18 years she was a radio presenter on One Radio presenting and producing various programmes – music, talk shows, documentaries, promotional adverts and more. Angela was an actress in Qeghdin Sew along with other TV dramas and programmes. For a while she also used to present commercial TV programmes like Teleshopping. At the moment, Angela is presenting a daily music programme from Monday through to Sunday on Solid Malta 100.2.

What type of gadgets do you love?

I’m not really a gadget person! However I must admit that I feel lost when I go out and forget my mobile phone at home. I love cooking, so I have a few gadgets in my kitchen that make food preparation quicker and easier.

When was your most memorable late night partying instance?

Some of my most memorable nights out partying happened when I was much younger, back in the 80’s. I lived in Amsterdam for two years… I think that says it all!

What is your favourite item in your house?

As I already stated I love cooking, so I love my kitchen. I spend a lot of time there on my laptop, listening to music, cooking while drinking a glass of Chardonnay, and also doing paper work. I don’t really have one particular thing in my house that I love… I just love my home in general.

What makes you happy?

When I’m with my family, especially at Christmas time, and also when I’m fastening my seat belt on a plane… I love going abroad.

What is it that you would never buy?

I would never buy anything related to sport (for myself) I’m not in to it! Also, I would never buy real fur or products that have been tested on animals.

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Have you got any?

I like tattoos. I find them artistic and sometimes beautiful, if in the right place on that particular person. However having said that, no I don’t have a tattoo, because although I like them on others, I don’t fancy them on myself. BUT never say never!